Mascot Olfactory Emotion

Graphics Website Instagram and Facebook Adv Inauguration Event Shooting Branding Results Mascot Olfactory Emotion Mascot Olfactory Emotion, an artistic perfumery, was born in 2023 in the heart of Prato, in one of its most beautiful squares. Founded by sisters Matilde and Costanza Giuliani, who were born and raised in the world of perfumery, it embodies […]


Branding Campagna Kickstarter Video Shooting Love tedici Love Tedici is the brand that emerged from a crucial market gap, aiming to seamlessly integrate functionality with aesthetics.It is located in the Luxury pet fashion accessory sector and is one of the few brands that combines compliant functionality with aesthetics and design. It consists of a collection […]

Mio Dottore

SEO & blog writing mio dottore MioDottore, part of the Docplanner group, was born in 2015 in Italy and is the leading digital platform dedicated to private and public healthcare that connects patients with specialist doctors, general practitioners, medical centers, and hospitals. MioDottore, through the website and the App, offers patients a space in which […]


Website Instagram and Facebook Blog & Copywriting Newsletter Results Castello di Gargonza The Castello di Gargonza is nestled within a quaint village in the province of Arezzo, where you can experience the charm of a bygone era amidst medieval towers and picturesque alleys surrounded by greenery. Perfect for relaxation, it offers a unique tranquility. You […]

G&D Show

Logo Website editorial plan Facebook Instagram Graphics Ads Results G&D SHOW The G&D Show is a one-of-a-kind event in the Food and Beverage sector, a full immersion in this world, which saw the participation of excellent guests from the sector, brands and operators present in the splendid location of Villa Bottini in Lucca. The GD […]

Red Bull

Digital menus Drink List Consumer activations Qr code place name cards Customizations & wallpapers RED BULL Our agency is the official Red Bull partner for the entire central Italy. Born in the 1980s taking inspiration from the functional drinks of the Far East, Red Bull has not only developed a unique energy drink but also […]