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We are the
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Diseo Agency is a marketing agency in Florence
Diseo’s role as a strategic partner involves crafting customized marketing strategies and executing seamless communication plans that elevate brands to new heights.

Characterized by a creative, innovative, and dynamic approach, Diseo implements an overall vision that looks at the present to build the future.

Who we are

In two words?
We are your strategic partner.

Partner because we work alongside you, we are not a simple service provider but we support you in your growth journey step by step.

Strategic because we are primarily concerned with structuring a tailor-made strategy and an integrated communication plan, setting measurable and concrete objectives.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”
– Anthony Robbins

Picture yourself trying to reach a point on a map without a plan. In the beginning, relying on trial and error might seem like the quickest route. However, you’ll quickly realize that you would be wasting a lot of time and energy. And who knows, you might not even reach your destination!

While it may initially take time and effort to analyze the map and chart a sensible route, doing so ensures that you’ll reach your destination with a clear understanding of the path, potential obstacles, and tactics to overcome them.

This is what we call strategy!

And then?

Obviously, we won’t leave you with just a nice presentation and lots of projects!

We will be by your side operationally, truly. We are not a marketing agency that hides behind a phone that rings off the hook or emails that go unanswered for weeks.
Our marketing agency has a double soul, strategic and operational.

On one hand, we deal with strategic marketing to lead your brand in the right direction.

On the other hand, we synergistically implement all the activities identified in the first phase of consultancy, strategy, and analysis.

Only by working together
we can go far

Creativity without technique is an end in itself, technique without creativity has no soul.

This is why at our marketing agency in Florence, you will discover a perfect blend of creativity, technique, and so much more.


Elisa Toccafondi

Ceo & Founder

Jacopo Vettori

Cofounder & Business Developer

Sofia Liverani

Digital Sales Account

Alessandra Fiorentini

HR and Training Consultant

Elisabetta Meccariello

Administrative Manager

Serena Reggiani

Project Manager

Sofia Delli Navelli

Project Manager

Lorenzo Agresti

Ads Specialis & Digital Media Specialist

Chiara Maraia

Junior Ads Specialist

Alice Zanfardino

SEO Copywriter

Antonietta Fergola

Social Media Manager

Clarissa Puorto

Junior Social Media Manager

Giorgia Allegranti

Web Developer, UX &
Graphic Designer

Flavia Monechi

UX, Graphic Designer
& Motion Graphic

Sara Vivarelli

Web Developer, UX &
Graphic Designer

Sara Vivarelli

Web Developer, UX &
Graphic Designer

Clarissa Puorto

Junior Social Media Manager

Elisabetta Meccariello

Administrative Manager

The marketing agency in Florence that is right for you

3 reasons why we should work together


Each of us are prepared, trained, and proficient in our respective fields. This is how we provide the solutions you need to achieve your goals on time. Every project is handled with competence, punctuality, and accuracy; never leaving out a detail.


We sleep soundly being guilt-free! We won’t try to sell you an unrealizable project, we won’t use big words, and we won’t fill the quota with activities that don’t serve your brand. We only offer you what we are convinced is truly useful for growing your business, in an honest and transparent way.


Escaping the ordinary is our mission. In today’s sea of competition, it is more crucial than ever to stand out and make a lasting impression. This is why our marketing and communications agency develops creative and original solutions, not carbon copies of a thousand other projects already seen and reviewed. We have the courage to dare and we are proud of it!

If you want to work with us or find out more about what we can do together, reach out to us.

How we work

Our initial marketing consultancy is a crucial step that enables us to craft a structured path. We identify key business areas, pinpoint strengths, and address any weaknesses.

Once the strategy has been set , we utilize all of the digital marketing tools and offline channels necessary to seamlessly integrate an online strategy.

Our communications agency in Florence is more than just a service provider; we’re a true business partner, dedicated to supporting you in defining a marketing strategy and an effective communication plan.
We will then implement operational activities such as:

  • web design
  • creation of websites and e-commerce
  • SEO e copywriting
  • Google Ads and Meta Ads campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing

If you want to work with us or find out more about what we can do for your business, reach out to us

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