Event organization

Corporate events, in-store, and inaugurations

We take care of the creation of 360° personalized events for companies and brands.
We offer our support in all organizational phases of an event: from conception and planning, up to implementation, accompanied by integrated communication and marketing campaigns.

Organizzazione di eventi e inaugurazioni personalizzate a firenze

Here are some examples of events we organize:

  • Inauguration of the activity
  • Presentation of brands, products, or services
  • Events with influencers & pr
  • In-store events
  • Corporate events


What are the benefits for your business?


  • VISIBILITY: Thanks to events, we increase your brand awareness with concrete and immediate results. Word of mouth, large turnout, and all on and offline activity are fundamental tools for making your brand stronger and more visible.

  • ACQUIRING NEW CUSTOMERS: Events are the ideal opportunity to show your potential customers your services/products and interact with them.

  • INTERACTION WITH YOUR TARGET: An event is the perfect opportunity to get in touch and strengthen the relationship with your customers.

  • DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF FROM COMPETITORS: Through unique and experiential events, you can distinguish your business and elevate yourself from your competition with an unmistakable style.


Event Organization: How we work


  • Preliminary analysis and client brief study
  • Strategic planning activities (from the identification of a concept and objectives, to the programming and management of all the basic elements and logistical contents)
  • Management of invitations and event sponsorship
  • Event supervision and on-site coordination

It takes care of everything that revolves around an event: from choosing the location, printing and sending invitations, and choosing the catering, to the set-up and managing of the staff.
Every detail is planned and organized so that the event is a perfect success.
Obviously, it is important to make sure that the agency can take care of all of these aspects before agreeing upon the assignment, otherwise you could find yourself without a photographer or without catering!

There is no standard price list because everything depends on the type of event to be organized.
For more elaborate, large events with many guests, an investment of a few thousand euros may be necessary, while for smaller events the price of the event agency would obviously be much lower.
The best thing is to ask for a quote and give as much information as possible.

If you choose a well-structured and experienced event planning agency, you can ask for almost anything. Inaugurations of premises, cultural initiatives, commercial events, fairs, conferences, and so on.

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