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If you have a website, you’ve likely heard of SEO, but ensuring everything is done correctly is crucial.

Without a well-structured SEO strategy and consultancy, your site may struggle to rank highly on Google. Consequently, potential customers may not find you.

Research shows that only 0.78% of users venture beyond the first page of search results, emphasizing the importance of securing a top position among the first 10 results in the SERP.
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What our SEO consultancy includes:

  • Initial SEO analysis: Using specific tools and mechanisms we will analyze the target audience, direct and indirect competitors, and the most interesting keywords.

  • SEO audit: We will investigate the current state of health of the site from a technical and content point of view. We will thus detect any problems that need to be resolved.

  • Keyword research: We will identify the best keywords for which to position the brand, products, and services based on search volumes and difficulty.

  • SEO copywriting: We will take care of creating optimized textual content for both static pages and news articles.
  • Meta-data optimization: As part of SEO consultancy, optimizing meta-data is essential. This includes managing meta tags and image attributes to effectively position photos and videos.

  • User Experience Optimization: We take care of the visual design part to offer users the best browsing experience possible from all types of devices.

  • Off-page SEO interventions: Optimization of the Google My Business listing, reviews, and link building strategy to improve the authority of the site.

  • Company blogs: We will build an editorial plan that is interesting for your users and that increases traffic to your site through the search for valuable keywords. We will also take care of the planning and scheduling of the articles.

SEO consultancy also includes a series of ongoing interventions, aimed at maintaining and improving the performance of the site. Keyword monitoring, quarterly reports, and the drafting of new update content are part of this phase.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
SEO consultancy therefore concerns all interventions on the site (on-site) and on other sites (off-site) to improve positioning on Google and climb positions in SERP.
The SEO area exclusively concerns organic search results, i.e. non-paid ones.

Each SEO project and consultancy is unique, with costs varying based on numerous factors. Without analyzing your site and sector, we can’t provide an estimate.

However, investing in SEO yields significant long-term benefits. By attracting quality users to your site, SEO has the potential to convert them into customers, making it a worthwhile investment.

Let’s answer with some numbers.

95% of users click on the first result in SERP.
Only 0.78% of users arrive at results on the second page.

53% of traffic comes from organic searches.

This means that if your site is not positioned on the first page, users will not find it, click on it, and become customers.

The goal of all SEO activities is to bring the site to the top positions of the SERP on Google for the most interesting keywords.
This means bringing in quality users, interested in your service and your sector, who could then turn into customers.
Always keep in mind that the ultimate goal of SEO is always to generate profit and increase turnover through direct sales or conversions.

SEO takes time to bring results and we want to be very clear about this. You won’t see your site traffic skyrocket overnight.
Depending on the starting situation and the reference sector, it takes from 6 months upwards to see the first results. Furthermore, SEO work is continuous: if you want to not only position your site but also keep it high in the SERP you must take care of SEO on a regular basis.

There are many interventions that we can implement to improve the SEO positioning of your site.
These include technical interventions, work on keywords, and off-page SEO activities such as link building. Only after an in-depth initial analysis will we be able to tell you exactly which tools and activities are most useful in your case to improve your SEO positioning.

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