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Complete management of the newsletter service

Our email marketing agency takes care of all phases of managing the newsletter service. From choosing the right platform for your brand to managing contacts through to content creation and monitoring. We also take care of the planning, sending, and production of periodic reports relating to email marketing activities.

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What our email marketing service includes:

  • Selection of newsletter provider: we choose the provider that best suits your needs.

  • Account Setup: we set up your account and load the list of existing contacts.

  • List management: we take care of creating, updating, and managing your mailing list in order to reach users with targeted communications.

  • Definition of the sending plan: we decide the timing of sending the newsletters, planning them based on the most strategic periods for your business.
  • Management of the individual newsletter: as an email marketing agency, we take care of the composition of the message, taking care of both the textual and graphic parts, and we choose the lists to send the newsletter to.

  • Campaign results analysis: we monitor the parameters of each individual campaign, such as the opening rate, click-through rate, and number of conversions.


What are the benefits for your business?


  • STRENGTHEN YOUR COMPANY’S IMAGE: sending newsletters allows you to share industry insights, updates, and position yourself as a market leader compared to your competition.

  • INCREASE YOUR CONVERSIONS: Email marketing is an excellent channel for promoting your products and services, communicating directly with your customers and potential customers

  • ATTRACTING NEW CUSTOMERS: by sending emails you can acquire new customers by explaining who you are and communicating discounts and reserved promotional offers.

  • ENGAGE EXISTING CUSTOMERS’ LOYALTY: newsletters are an excellent tool for increasing trust in the brand and establishing a bond with your customers.


Email marketing agency: how we work


  • We set up the account and upload the mailing list
  • We define the strategy and the sending plan
  • We manage individual newsletters
  • We monitor the results of the campaigns

A good email marketing strategy allows you to obtain conversions but also to retain your customers, a process that is the basis of the success of any brand. Sending emails to your subscribers offers you a privileged communication channel with them to offer them special benefits as members.
Email marketing is the best way to pamper your customers!

Any marketing agency can offer you an email marketing service among the communication tools to promote your brand. The creation of an email marketing strategy involves the collaboration of different professional figures: copywriters, web designers and project managers work together to create interesting, useful and converting newsletters.

To create a newsletter there are special platforms that allow you to choose a layout and insert texts and images easily. Creating a newsletter, however, does not just mean this: in fact, there are aspects related to privacy and the technical management of the platform to consider, which are not at all simple and immediate.

An email marketing agency must be able to manage every phase of the email marketing strategy, from choosing the best provider to monitoring the results. Always ask in advance how campaigns will be managed and via which platform. Furthermore, a good email marketing agency should offer you personalized management and not a pre-packaged package.

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