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We take care of designing and managing influencer marketing campaigns.
As a communication agency in Florence, we offer a complete and accurate service in every detail: starting from your objectives, we select micro influencers, bloggers, and/or macro influencers from the most strategic sectors for your business.

Influencer marketing agenzia

What our work includes:

  • Research and selection of influencers: we choose the influencers most in line with your business to maximize conversions.

  • Analysis: we use the main metrics and parameters provided by social media to evaluate the relevance of profiles.

  • Negotiation, contracts, and relationships: we take care of contacting, negotiating, and closing contracts with influencers or their entourage.

  • Content development and creative briefing: we create content and briefings specific to your business to maximize conversions.
  • Definition of an editorial plan: we calendar the influencers’ activities based on the most strategic periods for your business.

  • Influencer content approval: we verify and approve content before publication to ensure content is in line with the brand.

  • Performance review: we analyze the results of the campaign and provide complete reporting.


What are the benefits for your business?


  • NOTORIETY: activating influencer marketing campaigns allows you to obtain immediate visibility by exploiting the channels of the influencers themselves and reaching millions of users in a few seconds.

  • CREDIBILITY: a good influencer has a high degree of trust with her followers, therefore if she sponsors your business she will generate positive publicity and strengthen the credibility of your business.

  • MEASURABLE CONVERSIONS: influencer marketing allows you to monitor the results of your campaigns in terms of conversions very precisely, thus verifying which ones are really useful to your brand.

  • REACH YOUR NICHE: by selecting the relevant influencers in your sector you will be able to easily reach your ideal customer target, without wasting money on generic and non-targeted advertising campaigns.


Influencer marketing: How we work


  • We analyze the needs, characteristics, and objectives of your business.
  • We identify the most relevant profiles in view of your objectives.
  • We contact influencers and define collaborations.
  • We establish the planning of the campaign.
  • We manage the campaign and measure the results.

When we talk about influencer marketing we are referring to the set of activities that involve the collaboration of an influencer and a brand. The brand in question basically turns to an influencer to convey the promotion of its products and/or services through social content or blogging.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The cost of an influencer marketing project varies depending on several factors, including the type of activities agreed upon and the influencer’s fee. Profiles with millions of followers typically command higher compensation compared to those with a smaller following, who might be open to working in exchange for goods.

The beauty of starting influencer marketing campaigns is that they can promote practically anything! There are influencers for every sector or niche: food, fashion, beauty, travel, or any other field can be conveyed through an influencer marketing strategy.

Managing a collaboration with an influencer is more complicated than you might think. It’s not just a matter of sending a product and waiting for new customers to arrive: everything must be agreed and planned in detail, from the initial briefing to the report to verify that the collaboration has actually led to sales or conversions. It is therefore a job to be managed day after day in which you have to control everything.

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