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Social adv and sponsored campaigns

We develop Google Ads campaigns, sponsorships on Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Tik Tok Ads, and SMS Marketing to achieve your goals.
Each sponsored campaign is customized based on the target and business needs.

come realizzare le campagne ads per aziende

What our work includes:

  • Market analysis: we study the reference sector in which your business operates and the main competitors.

  • Definition of objectives: together with the client we choose the final objectives to be achieved.

  • Budget to invest: we provide advice on the most correct budget to invest to achieve the set objectives.

  • Choice of strategy: we select the type of campaign based on the strategy we have defined.
  • Setting the target audience: we identify your target, defining the demographic parameters and interests of your audience.

  • Creation of advertisements: we take care of creating the communication of the advertisement, both from a visual and textual point of view.

  • Campaign optimization: we periodically monitor your campaigns and improve the parameters based on the results achieved.

  • Reporting: we provide a complete analysis with the results achieved by the campaign.


WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS for your business?


  • INCREASE TRAFFIC: Sponsored campaigns allow you to improve traffic to your site both in terms of volume and quality.
  • CONVERSIONS: It is easier to convert targeted users already interested in your services into customers.
  • REACH YOUR NICHE: Thanks to sponsored campaigns you can very precisely target the audience who will view your ads, setting interests, geolocation, or setting up retargeting campaigns.
  • MEASURABILITY: All sponsored campaigns generate measurable results in terms of clicks, costs per click, volumes of users reached, and conversion percentages.


Google ads and Facebook campaigns: how we work


  • We define the objectives and the target audience.
  • We set up the campaign based on the objectives.
  • We set up the ad by choosing the contents, the message, and the optimal budget.
  • We monitor and analyze the campaign by providing the client with detailed periodic reports.

Doing digital advertising literally means running sponsored campaigns online, that is, investing a portion of the budget to advertise on Google or social channels. Digital ads can be made in video or image format and contain text that encourages the user to take action.

Managing online advertising is a complex task that involves numerous steps and a blend of analytical and creative skills. This role is typically fulfilled by a dedicated professional who oversees the planning, development, and monitoring of sponsored campaigns on platforms like Google and Facebook. It’s important to note that this activity demands specific skills and experience to execute effectively.

Advertising online is probably the best way to make your brand known to a target audience and therefore truly interested in what you have to offer. Sponsored campaigns bring your advert to the foreground on social media and to the top position on the search engine, so it will become highly visible to users who are looking for exactly what you provide.

The amount you choose to invest in advertising depends on your budget and the objectives you aim to achieve. There’s no single answer, but rather the right amount tailored to your specific goals. A proficient ads specialist can offer valuable guidance on optimizing your investment while advising on the appropriate budget and campaign types to yield concrete results for your business.

Facebook Ads are all the advertisements that we see appearing on Facebook and Instagram (the management panel is the same for both channels) with the wording Sponsored. These posts are optimized to be visible to the target in line with what you want to show. Facebook Ads are perfect for promoting events, offers, products, and brands, but also simply profiles or spot initiatives.

Google Ads appear prominently at the top of search results, marked with the label “Advertisement” so users are aware that it is an advertisement and not an organic result. Managing Google Ads involves a complex process, including keyword selection, positioning strategies, and defining the desired conversion you want to achieve.

The answer depends on the budget you have available and the goal you want to achieve. Depending on the situation, an advertising campaign on one channel rather than another could bring better or worse results. Our ads specialist will advise you on the right choice. For this reason it is better to rely on a marketing agency that is able to manage both Facebook and Google: in this way it will be able to choose the most suitable tool.

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