Social media marketing agency

Strategies and activities to improve your social presence

Our social media marketing agency takes care of setting up and managing all the main social platforms.
Not only the most well-known ones such as Facebook and Instagram but also LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, Telegram, Google Business, and Pinterest, for a complete and personalized social strategy based on your needs.


What our work includes:

  • We develop an ad hoc editorial plan: we study the relevant buyer personas and develop an editorial and creative line that responds to their needs and reflects your business.

  • Profile growth: we organically create a following that is truly interested in your services and products.
  • Creation of an editorial plan: we offer you a content plan complete with texts, photos, and videos to achieve your goals.

  • Customer Care Management: our social media marketing agency also offers a service for managing comments and messages sent by customers, guaranteeing complete responses in a short time.


WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS for your business?


    • VISIBILITY: social pages, especially Facebook and Instagram company pages, are indexed by Google and therefore help you to control the first page not only with your site.
    • INTERACTION WITH CUSTOMER: Social networks serve as the ultimate tool for maintaining constant communication with your customers. They enable you to promptly address inquiries, manage reservations, and finalize purchases, ensuring seamless interaction and engagement.
    • IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET CUSTOMER: thanks to increasingly detailed insights, you will have continuous statistics on the type of people who visit your social pages. This data allows you to improve your communication, offering engaging content for your audience.
    • BUSINESS CARD: your social media pages act as digital business cards, allowing you to convey your story and showcase your offerings beyond just words. They serve as platforms to share vital information with your audience, enhancing brand visibility and reputation.


Social Media Marketing: How we work


  • We identify buyer personas
  • We develop a unique and personalized social strategy
  • We draw up an editorial plan consisting of texts and visual content
  • We create the content
  • We take care of the daily operational management

An agency that deals with social media marketing offers a complete service for managing the social channels of companies and professionals. This includes designing an editorial plan, scheduling and publishing posts and stories, and obviously monitoring the results.

Social networks represent a very useful channel and tool for connecting quickly and directly with your target. Through social media, it is possible not only to communicate your identity and values, ​​but also to find customers and sell products and services directly.

The primary activity that takes place on social networks is the publication of posts (videos and images) and stories, but it is certainly not the only one. In fact, surveys can be created to interact with the public but also to sell products through the shop on Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, you can create online and offline events and organize influencer marketing campaigns to engage users.

The answer depends on many factors. Based on the number of content to be created, the type of activity, the particularity of the sector, and many other variables, we can stipulate a personalized quote. What we guarantee in any case is maximum availability and timeliness in responses.

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