Strategic Marketing Consultancy

From analysis to strategy formulation

Based in Florence, our communication agency offers strategic marketing consultancy services for your company. From the initial analysis phase to strategy formulation, we guide you through every step, culminating in a detailed operational document outlining the necessary actions to achieve your objectives.

Consulenza marketing strategica
No army would charge into battle without first having a plan of attack. No climber would attempt to conquer a mountain without plotting the safest route to the summit.

Likewise, a company cannot start or relaunch a business without first implementing a strategic marketing plan.
Our marketing consultancy begins with a thorough analysis, enabling us to pinpoint key variables and establish objectives within a specific timeframe.
Subsequently, we prioritize and identify actionable steps, which are then incorporated into an integrated marketing strategy.


What does our strategic marketing consultancy consist of?


Analysis phase
  • Company analysis (positioning, customer target, offer)
  • Analysis of the reference market
  • Competitor analysis
  • Identification and formulation of the general strategy
Operational steps
  • Drafting of the executive project with detailed roadmap
  • Identification of the executive steps necessary for the implementation of the strategy Indication of the ideal partner for each executive step

Strategic marketing consultancy is the process that guides the company in communicating and promoting its business in the best possible way. It therefore touches every aspect of the brand and has both a strategic and, subsequently, operational dimensions.

In fact, marketing consultancy is continuous, it does not end but is constantly evolving, ready to change in case of needs or shifts in company direction.

Strategic marketing for businesses encompasses a very wide variety of activities in every stage of a company’s life.

It always starts from an in-depth analysis of the brand and the reference sector, identifying the best possible positioning for the company. It takes into account current product, pricing, and distribution policies, aiming to improve where possible. It also focuses on managing communication and brand promotion through different tools and channels, both online and offline.

The marketing consultant is the contact person who manages all strategic consultancy. This is a key figure, with whom the company interfaces continuously and at different levels.

The marketing consultant is in fact the one who follows every process and every project linked to the development and implementation of the agreed strategy.
He will be a sort of supervisor of all the activities of your company but does not manage the operational part.

Simply making your business work! Without an overall vision and a strategic plan to sell your product to the right target, at the right price, and through the most effective channels, making your business thrive will be very difficult, if not impossible.

Strategic marketing consultancy will guide every step of your company, making it more stable, structured and reliable for already loyal customers and for all those who will arrive.
Obviously, the ultimate goal of any marketing action (and therefore also of strategic consultancy) is to increase company turnover.

It is not possible to quantify the cost of marketing consultancy because each company has very different needs.
However, you must know right from the start that this is a very complex and detailed job, but at the same time it is essential if you want your business to be successful.

Without a strategic marketing plan it will be impossible to keep track of everything and achieve sustainable results.
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