mio dottore

MioDottore, part of the Docplanner group, was born in 2015 in Italy and is the leading digital platform dedicated to private and public healthcare that connects patients with specialist doctors, general practitioners, medical centers, and hospitals.

MioDottore, through the website and the App, offers patients a space in which they can book their medical visits, read reviews and choose the doctor or facility that best meets their needs.
It records record numbers with 2.5 million bookings/month, over 8.5 million monthly visits to the portal, almost 300,000 doctors available on the platform and around 35,000 customers.

SEO & blog writing

We took care of the development of articles written and optimized in SEO terms for the medical sector.

According to an Istat survey, 46% of Italians over the age of fourteen use the internet to find health information.

The healthcare industry has transformed into a highly competitive online environment, where presence and easy reach for virtual users are imperative for all medical institutions. Through a series of useful measures, these structures can effectively present their services, performances, innovations, and qualified medical personnel.

Healthcare SEO, also known as Medical SEO or SEO in Healthcare, specifically refers to the optimization of the positioning of the pages and websites of medical institutions.
This process requires the identification of sector-specific keywords and the creation of strategic plans aimed at an audience of users looking for services and performances in the field of health.


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