Castello di Gargonza

The Castello di Gargonza is nestled within a quaint village in the province of Arezzo, where you can experience the charm of a bygone era amidst medieval towers and picturesque alleys surrounded by greenery.

Perfect for relaxation, it offers a unique tranquility. You can choose to spend a few fabulous days here, organize your own private event, or enjoy simple but elegant Tuscan cuisine at the La Torre di Gargonza restaurant.


For the Castello di Gargonza we carried out an important restyling work on the existing site.

The site was very cumbersome and slow with low performance, it also had serious problems in terms of UI and UX.
Starting from the weak points of the old site we proceeded to create a renewed site, attentive to SEO parameters and user experience.

For the client, an activity was carried out to set up and implement the main digital marketing tools, useful for increasing the visibility of the brand on search engines and for keeping track of the site’s performance.

Specifically, the following tools have been implemented: Google Analytics, Google search console, Google tag manager, META pixel, and finally a series of codes have been set for tracking the main CTAs on the site, an element that allows us to keep track of the trend of the site in terms of the conversion rate.


The analysis in question was fundamental in identifying a series of keywords and macro-themes on which to orient the brand’s contents. This allows the site to grow organically on Google’s SERP.

The analysis of the most promising keywords and macro-themes was preceded by a situational SEO analysis, in which the main strengths of the site and the main weaknesses in SEO terms were highlighted which allowed us at agency level to understand how to structure the intervention strategy.

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instagram and facebook

For Gargonza we also take care of the management of social media, specifically Instagram and Facebook.

In this case the main objective of the service is to increase brand awareness and, at the same time, to promote special offers connected to the restaurant / rooms / apartments.


We also create blog articles for the client on a monthly basis.

The objective of this activity is to promote the main services of the brand and surrounding area (with a focus on local events, fairs and festivals), and finally, to promote the history of Castello di Gargonza.

The contents are in dual languages, this condition allows the content to be accessible not only to the Italian public but also to an international public.


Castello di Gargonza organizes various events and needs to communicate them with its community.
Specifically, we take care of processing the texts in terms of newsletter copy, creating the graphics and sending them to the writings inserted in Mailup.

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