Love tedici

Love Tedici is the brand that emerged from a crucial market gap, aiming to seamlessly integrate functionality with aesthetics.
It is located in the Luxury pet fashion accessory sector and is one of the few brands that combines compliant functionality with aesthetics and design.

It consists of a collection of dog carriers and luxury accessories with an attractive design, modular for pets of all sizes such as: collars, harnesses, leashes, waste bag holders, GPS holders, and Murano glass bowls.
Tedici bags are also equipped with a passport holder and are compliant with regulations to be taken on a plane, all made in Italy in the most sustainable way.


For Tedici, we undertook the complete development of the brand identity from inception. We assisted in defining the logo, establishing brand colors, designing the visual identity set, and crafting the entire coordinated image.

We chose a sober and modern style contrasted by the bright orange and gold that embellish the visual identity.
The logo, crafted in multiple variations, features a colored circle symbolizing care and affection towards your pet.
The base colors of the various graphic contents are soft to enhance the main color and the subject.
The icons reflect the simplicity of the logo, using the outline style to visually explain every quality contained in Tedici’s products.


The video was meticulously produced over several days and in various locations. It began with Aimee’s inspiration and the necessity that drove her to establish the brand. It then delved into the meticulous sourcing of premium materials, ensuring quality, comfort, and sustainability, culminating in showcasing the finished products.

In the video, our focus was to emphasize the aesthetics and particularly the versatility of Love Tedici products. We showcased the products against the backdrop of Florence, renowned for its Renaissance heritage and craftsmanship.
Additionally, we meticulously crafted graphic animations and motion graphics to enhance and support the video campaign.


Simultaneously, we produced photographic content tailored for both e-commerce purposes. This included dedicated photo shoots featuring every product in the Tedici collection, captured against both neutral backgrounds and in environmental settings.


Kickstarter funding
+ 10.000 €