Mascot Olfactory Emotion

Mascot Olfactory Emotion, an artistic perfumery, was born in 2023 in the heart of Prato, in one of its most beautiful squares. Founded by sisters Matilde and Costanza Giuliani, who were born and raised in the world of perfumery, it embodies their lifelong passion for the world of perfumery.

Mascot is much more than a perfumery. It offers exclusive services, providing an olfactory and emotional journey that engages all the senses. Additionally, it features an innovative make-up bar where you can create personalized looks, refresh your makeup after a day at work, or prepare for a special evening, discovering tailor-made beauty secrets.

Online and Offline Graphics

We created the brand logo based on their ideas: the name MASCOT was born from the union of the family members’ names.
The symbol, the letter T, is used both alone as a pictogram and as a distinctive sign, serving as a tribute to their father.

After designing the logo, we structured the Brand Manual, defining the brand’s color palette. We applied this across all offline materials, creating shopping bags, business cards, gift cards, and the entire coordinated image.

We also took care of creating personalized mouillettes (cards for trying new perfumes.) These are very important tools for correctly testing essences.

E-Commerce Website

For Mascot, we created a tailor-made e-commerce site that catered to all customer needs. We ensured the coordinated image was reflected on the shop pages, providing a consistent thread throughout all the brand’s communication.

The MascotOlfactoryEmotion website was born with the idea and intent of fully reflecting the philosophy and style of the brand.
In addition to the shop, the pages tell the story of the brand, the philosophy, and the services offered.

Ux & Design

To identify the brands in each category, we conducted a User Experience study. This study focused on clarity and simplicity while maintaining the aesthetics and in addition to a vast range of fragrances, the shop offers brands specializing in body care.
The site is optimized to allow users to search by olfactory note, helping them discover all available options.

Technologies Used




Instagram and Facebook

For this project, we managed the social channels, Instagram and Facebook, from the ground up. We created the accounts and began building the brand’s image and community from scratch.

We developed a launch strategy that commenced with our social profiles, initiating a countdown leading up to the inauguration event. Throughout this phase, we meticulously defined our editorial guidelines, graphic layouts, aesthetics, and the distinctive Tone Of Voice that embodies Mascot.

We carry out the management of social pages, adopting a strategy aimed at involving the customer’s specific target. Through posts, we inform the public about the services offered, the range of brands available, and the many initiatives organized within the store, such as make-up courses, workshops, and events in collaboration with various brands.
Furthermore, every month we develop an editorial plan that follows seasonal themes, always keeping an eye on current trends and in tune with scheduled events.

Digital adv

We took care of the launch campaign for the opening of the store, especially to generate targeted lead generation.

We continued to promote the brand’s activities with an ad hoc advertising plan which includes both interaction and coverage campaigns for brand awareness

Creation of Inauguration Event

For Mascot, we took care of the entire organization of the inauguration event.

Mascot opened the doors of its store to the public on October 21st, 2023.

We managed every aspect of the event, from handling the PR and Press Office duties to drafting a press release. Our goal was to engage the local press and invite targeted journalists and influencers to participate in the event.
We took care of the entire graphic part, from the development of a panel designed to be used as a photo frame, to the flyers and the gift for guests. We also chose the DJ, a prominent local personality, capable of creating an engaging atmosphere for our target customers.

During the event, we took care of the production of multimedia content. We worked with a photographer and a videographer who created material which was subsequently used on Mascot’s social pages.


Our production team, present at the event, created a video reel and took various photos, later used on both the website and on Mascot’s social profiles.


The brand identity was entirely developed by the agency.


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