The G&D Show is a one-of-a-kind event in the Food and Beverage sector, a full immersion in this world, which saw the participation of excellent guests from the sector, brands and operators present in the splendid location of Villa Bottini in Lucca.

The GD Show was divided into a series of thematic areas dedicated to every aspect of Food & Beverage, divided into various rooms.
It hosted unique Italian and international catering suppliers, brands and operators. Inside the marvelous sixteenth-century villa in the historic center of Lucca, guests from the world of catering, wine, and sport participated in a series of courses, tastings, talk shows, and live demonstrations.



The G&D Show website was created in order to immediately highlight the strong points of the event: uniqueness, location, exclusivity and quality. It is a showcase site with great visual impact and is easy to navigate.

Ux & Design

The layout of the site is set up to allow the user to immediately find what they are looking for. Each page was created specifically to accompany and facilitate the user towards participation in the event.




Technologies Used




editorial plan

The G&D Show editorial plan has been developed in order to highlight the uniqueness of the event, the guests and the various sponsors.

Through images and videos, the user was accompanied throughout the entire journey. Weeks before the event, we started with the presentation of it, and then concluded with video interviews and masterclasses.

The copies use informative and direct, colloquial and informal language, which reflects the atmosphere felt during the event.


For Instagram’s editorial plan, for the initial content, we decided to present users with the main and essential information of the event.

We then focused on communicating the exclusivity of the G&D Show, presenting the masterclasses, the sponsors, the special guests and the various thematic areas.


Social content posted on Facebook follows the same pattern as that posted on Instagram.


For the event we created a series of graphic materials in harmony with the colors, mood, and identity of the event itself.

In particular, we took care of the banner, the placeholders, the sponsor sign, and we created everything necessary for the communication of the event.


+ 600
registered customers

+ 60
participating companies

+ 2000