Our agency is the official Red Bull partner for the entire central Italy.

Born in the 1980s taking inspiration from the functional drinks of the Far East, Red Bull has not only developed a unique energy drink but also a varied and sophisticated marketing approach.
Thanks to collaborations and events, the brand has grown and established itself throughout the world.

Being a Red Bull partner, we have created all kinds of materials, paper and digital, for venues such as cocktail bars, bars, lounges, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Among the materials we can create:
  • Digital and paper menus
  • Digital and paper drink lists
  • Consumer activations
  • Poster frames
  • QR code
  • Skins and customizations for refrigerators
  • Wallpapers
  • Placemats and place name cards

In general, we also deal with any type of customization for premises.

Digital menu created for Jaguar Firenze through the Red Bull platform.

Digital menu created for Caffè Libertà through the Red Bull platform.

Digital menu created for Rifrullo Florence.


The drink lists are used to present all the drinks or signature sections of the various venues.

They can be made in A4 format to be left on tables, in larger formats to be attached to walls, or in screen format to be projected on light screens.

Consumer activations & Poster frames

The consumer activations and poster frames feature one, or at most two drinks, prepared with Red Bull or Organics by Red Bull products. The preparation ingredients are always inserted in the graphics and, if necessary, the QR to access the complete drink list.


The graphics showing the QR code can be created in many versions and sizes. They can be poster frames attached to the walls of the room, small A6 to be placed on the tables or 11×21 cm place name cards to be inserted in the menu holders.

With the QR code you can access the restaurant’s digital menu with the entire drink list and food list that you can browse comfortably from your smartphone.

Place name cards

The place name cards have an 11×21 cm format, always positioned vertically on the tables of the premises. Generally the graphics are also double-sided.

They are small consumption activations, as each graphic shows a drink with an explanation of the various ingredients.

There is always a QR code in the knights that refers to the digital menu.


We took care of many customizations for the various rooms: from graphics for the mini bars to wallpapers.